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    Mario de Ayguavives

Mario de Ayguavives (Zaragoza, 1968), obtained a degree in Fine Arts from Barcelona University having specialised in Sculpture. He received the Acquisition Grant for the Calotaro Sculpture Workshop, the First Prize for Sculpture in the IX & X Young Aragon Visual Arts Contest and an Honorary Mention for Sculpture in the VII Isabel de Portugal Contest in Zaragoza. His work has been present several times at the artfair ARCO in Madrid presented by the galeries Spectrum and Van der Voort. We must also highlight his solo exhibition at the Hispano 20 Bank in Zaragoza and the inclusion of his work in the collections of the Aragon General Government, the Zaragoza Provincial Government and the museums of contemporary art of both Madrid and Ibiza.

Mario de Ayguavives is a photographer who shows us an unnatural view of nature, remade and styled to the viewer's liking. The image is, in theory, more pleasing to the human eye, which is attracted to symettry and this reproduction by man is distorted to such an extent that it creates a disturbing landscape. His images show us a globalised vision of nature, created to man's taste, serialised and fabricated infinitly.

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